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Online Safety Manuals

WTI Health & Safety Manual (Master document): WTI Health & Safety Manual
Chip Hauler Orientation: Chip Hauler Orientation
Freight Driver Orientation: Freight Driver Orientation
Equipment Operator Orientation: Heavy Equipment Operator Orientation
Shop Mechanic Orientation: Shop Mechanic Orientation
Progressive Forest Contracting Ltd: Progressive Forest Contracting Health & Safety Manual


Whitecourt Transport is committed to the health and safety of employees, clients, contractors, and the public. All work performed by WTI is completed in accordance with our Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Policy. Site-specific or project-specific safety requirements are developed for programs where the risks to workers and equipment can be more precisely identified. WTI has two Occupational Health and Safety personnel on staff that jointly review each project prior to initiation and continuously monitor and implement health and safety controls. All WTI field employees and sub-contractors are required to maintain current First-Aid, WHMIS, TDG, and H2S Alive certifications.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

WTI’s safety training programs have resulted in achievement of an excellent safety record. We have recently been recognized as one of Alberta’s top safety performers by Alberta Human Resource and Employment. This year we have been named “2003 Best Safety Performer” through the WorkSafe Alberta Program. Copies of our Certificate of Recognition (COR), National Safety Code and Certificate of Insurance are attached.



ISNetworld is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable vendors from capital-intensive industries. ISN collects self-reported conformance information from vendors, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format.

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Performance Monitoring

Whitecourt Transport uses the Shaw Omnivision Satellite Communication System, these technologies help us optimize logistical efficiencies, monitor driver performance, and maximize fuel economy.


This is a true next-generation wireless enterprise system, offering a broad range of services to help enhance the efficiency, productivity, and safety of fleet operations while improving your drivers’ in-cab experience. (

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